Congrats to Huang ZhiXiang!

Our PhD candidate, Huang ZhiXiang, received two awards (Outstanding Research Project and STMicroelectronics FIRST Industry Workshop prize) from the recent Fostering Industrial Research Success Together (FIRST) Industry Workshop.

This is the first time SUTD is hosting such a workshop to bring together industry partners, such as KPMG, ST Electronics, and CAG, faculty members, and PhD students. The event included industry presentations on future technologies by KPMG and Mediatek followed by a networking lunch, campus tour, and a Research Project Competition poster presentation by SUTD PhD students.

Max recieving award from Prof Ricky Ang Max receiving award from senior member of STMicroelectronicsEvent webpage:

Welcome New Group Members!

We extend a very warm welcome to Dr Chen Fuming, Ms Guo Lu, Ms Ding Meng, and Mr Glenn Sim Joey who recently joined our team.

Dr Chen is our Research Scientist and will be working predominantly on our water treatment project. He has many years experience in water industry and nanomaterials research. We are looking forward for Dr Chen’s great contributions and value add to the team!

Guo Lu, Ding Meng and Glenn are our new PhD students, who are just starting a new chapter in their academic journey. Congratulations!

It is also our great honour and pleasure to host our visiting professor: Prof. Luo Min, visiting students Dezhi, Zhou Cheng and Fangfang.

We welcome all our team members! You are already an important part of our lab! We believe the coming years will be joyful, productive and exciting for everyone!