Welcome New Group Members!

Over the first half of the year, we have many new members joining our ever growing team! We would like to welcome Dr. Du. Fei Hu, Dr. Mo Run Wei, Dr. Leong Wei Sun, Dr. Zhang Xiao Ming, Dr. Sun Lin Feng, Dr. Kong De Zhi as well as dual masters students, Xu Lu. They will be working in different areas of energy storage, water desalination, and 2D materials.

Looking forward to an exciting half of 2016!

More details under Team Member page.

Welcome New Group Members!

We extend a very warm welcome to Dr Chen Fuming, Ms Guo Lu, Ms Ding Meng, and Mr Glenn Sim Joey who recently joined our team.

Dr Chen is our Research Scientist and will be working predominantly on our water treatment project. He has many years experience in water industry and nanomaterials research. We are looking forward for Dr Chen’s great contributions and value add to the team!

Guo Lu, Ding Meng and Glenn are our new PhD students, who are just starting a new chapter in their academic journey. Congratulations!

It is also our great honour and pleasure to host our visiting professor: Prof. Luo Min, visiting students Dezhi, Zhou Cheng and Fangfang.

We welcome all our team members! You are already an important part of our lab! We believe the coming years will be joyful, productive and exciting for everyone!

Warm welcome to new members!

Our group would like to give a warm welcome to our new postdoc Dr. Francois Zaviska and visiting scientist Dr. Han Zhao Jun.

Dr. Zaviska will be working in the area of water treatment and Dr. Han will be here for a month with us to work together on energy storage devices and water treatment.

We sincerely hope that we will achieve great work together!


Warm welcome to New members!

Our group will be receiving 4 new members starting this month. Postdoc: Dr Li Haibo, PhD students: Mr. Leong Zhi Yi and Mr. Liu Bo, and Masters Student: Mr. Wong Teng Ke.

Dr. Li Haibo received his PhD from East China Normal University and worked on low energy desalination at University of South Australia prior to joining our group. He will be working on Capacitive deionization system and mentoring Mr. Leong Zhi Yi and Mr Wong Teng Ke on their research.

Mr. Leong Zhi Yi received his B.Eng in Electrical Engineering from NUS recently and joined us under the IPP programme with Hyflux. His PhD will be on designing carbon nanotube (CNT) based Capacitive Deionization (CDI) devices for environmental applications

Mr. Liu Bo received his B.Eng degree from Chongqing University and joined us under the SUTD President’s Graduate Fellowship. His PhD will be on novel materials and devices.

Mr Wong Teng Ke is currently enrolled in the MIT-SUTD dual masters’programme. He has recently completed his masters at MIT and will being his one year research stint at SUTD with us.

Our group has doubled in size with these four new members! Exciting times ahead! 🙂