On-site Precision Sensing and Control

Real-­time jitter compensation and tracking of distant (eg: 10km) target


The goal of this project is to achieve high-precision tracking for long distant target in the practical environment. Current devices like gimbal has limited compensation accuracy, which  restricts its use in the high-precision applications like long distant tracking and free-space communication. Therefore, in this project, our group proposes a novel sensing algorithm and control methodology to provide high performance in accuracy. The main advantage of the proposed algorithm is it’s near zero phase for both sensing and control.

Partner: DSO National Laboratories

Researcher involved: Yunfeng Fan

Assisted medical robot with involuntary motion (both surgeon and patient) removal for ultrasound-guided kidney stone surgery

Details coming soon

Partner: Changi General Hospital

Researchers involved: Hsieh-Yu Li, Ishara Paranawithana, Liangjing Yang

Design of Human-­Machine interfaces for users inside moving  vehicles to control unmanned vehicles

With the decline in birth rate among many developed countries, there is an increase demand in controlling unmanned vehicles even when in a moving vehicle. Controlling multiple vehicles, added with the vibration of the moving vehicles, poses significant challenges in terms of cognitive loads. Meanwhile, usually there are passengers at the back of the vehicles, who can be involved in the operation of the unmanned vehicles.

This project aims to come up with some human machine interface (HMI) that overcomes the above challenges. The interface has to: a) impose low cognitive load on the users; b) be easily used even in vibrating environment;  and c) enable several users to participate in the vehicle control (collaborative control).

SUTD & IDC Faculty involved: Professor Kristin L. Wood, Professor Suranga Nanayakkar, Professor Shaohui Foong, Dr Bradley Camburn

Partner: Defence Science and Technology Agency

Researchers involved: Teguh Santoso Lembono, Achala Athukorala

Tremor Compensation Device for Retinal Eye Microsurgery (Previous work)


This is a previous work done with Professor Wei Tech Ang from Nanyang Technological University on a tremor compensation device for retinal eye microsurgery.