External Funding Sources


  • PI for “Precision localization of payload for external aircraft inspection”, ST Engineering Aerospace.
  • PI for “Project Coriolis: Multi-Modal Interaction Research and Simulator Development”, MINDEF.
  • Co-PI for “Industrial Digital Design and Additive Manufacturing Workflows“, IAF-PP.
  • Task PI for “Project Borealis: Indoor Manned-Unmanned Teaming with Multiple UAVs”, MINDEF.
  • Co-PI for “Intelligent Ground-Aerial Robots for Closed Quarters Interactive Operations“, National Robotics Programme.
  • PI for “Enabling digital gastronomy for 3D food printing”, NAMIC.
  • PI (SUTD Portion) for “Development and POC of Nurse-Robot Teaming for Care Delivery”, SG Health Assistive & Robotics Programme (SHARP) Grant.
  • Co-PI for “Positioning for IIOT through crowdsensing and sensor fusion”, I3.
  • PI for “Automated Part Extractor for a Fleet of Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) Printers”, NAMIC.
  • PI for “Automated Part Extractor for a Fleet of Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) Printers”, Ivaldi Group.
  • PI (SUTD Portion) for “Tweaking everyday objects to prevent the spread of AMR”, Singapore General Hospital [completed].
  • PI (SUTD Portion) for “Human-Robot Collaborative AI for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering”, RIE2020 Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Programmatic grant.
  • Co-PI for “Localization with Collaborative LTE and Wifi SLAM”, MINDEF.
  • Co-PI (Technical Lead) for “Evaluating the effect of a bedside rehabilitation chair on functional decline in hospitalized older adults”, Patient safety grant [completed].
  • Co-PI (Technical Lead) for “The smart handrub bottle,” Patient Safety Grant [completed].
  • PI for “Privacy Panels to Improve Hand Hygiene Rates”, Singapore General Hospital [completed].
  • PI for Dyson EDB-IPP.
  • PI for “Human-machine interface and technology development for collaborative control of unmanned systems”, Defence Science and Technology Agency [completed].
  • PI for “Feasibility study of the sensing capability for vibration control”, DSO National Laboratories [completed].
  • Task PI for “Kyanite – Improved Cognitive Performance by Design”, MINDEF, {took over from Prof Suranga} [completed].
  • PI for “Integrated Physics & Math E-Learning”, MOE Academies Fund (MAF) [completed].
  • Co-PI for “Telamon – Indoor Relative Positioning System (IRPS),” MINDEF [completed].