External Funding Received

  • PI (SUTD Portion) for “Development and POC of Nurse-Robot Teaming for Care Delivery”, SG Health Assistive & Robotics Programme (SHARP) Grant.
  • PI for “Automated Part Extractor for a Fleet of Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) Printers”, NAMIC.
  • Task PI for “Human-Robot Collaborative AI for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering”, RIE2020 Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Programmatic grant.
  • Co-PI for “Localization with Collaborative LTE and Wifi SLAM”, Temasek Lab.
  • PI for “Feasibility study of the sensing capability for vibration control”, DSO National Laboratories [completed].
  • Technical PI for “Evaluating the effect of a bedside rehabilitation chair on functional decline in hospitalized older adults”, Patient safety grant [completed].
  • Technical PI for “Tweaking everyday objects to prevent the spread of AMR”, National Centre for Infectious Diseases [completed].
  • Technical PI for “The smart handrub bottle,” Patient Safety Grant [completed].
  • PI for “Privacy Panels to Improve Hand Hygiene Rates”, Singapore General Hospital (completed).
  • Task PI for “Kyanite – Improved Cognitive Performance by Design”, Temasek Lab [completed].
  • PI for “Human-machine interface and technology development for collaborative control of unmanned systems”, Defence Science and Technology Agency [completed].
  • PI for “Integrated Physics & Math E-Learning”, MOE Academies Fund (MAF) [completed].
  • Co-PI for “Telamon – Indoor Relative Positioning System (IRPS),” Temasek Lab [completed].

Research Projects

The research projects that the group is currently working on is summarized in the following figure and are broken into a few categories and can be found in the subsequent links.

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 8.08.46 pm

Field Micromanipulation

Micromanipulation and field applications traditionally do not go hand-in-hand. The following projects illustrate how precision can be brought to the field.

  • Real-­time jitter compensation and tracking of distant target
  • Design of a low-­cost and portable robotic vision-­guided platform for plant cell manipulation
  • Tremor Compensation Device for Retinal Eye Microsurgery (Previous work)

Human-Robot Interaction

In the field of human-robot interaction, the group is specifically interested in: 1) physical human-robot-environment interaction; 2) sensing of human’s physiological status ; and 3) interface design.

      • Assisted medical robot with involuntary motion (both surgeon and patient) removal for ultrasound-guided kidney stone surgery
      • Kyanite – Improved Cognition by Design
      • Design of Human-­Machine interfaces for users inside moving  vehicles to control unmanned vehicles

Secure sensing

  • Infrastructureless in-­door localization
  • Physical sensor attack
  • Orientation & angular velocity estimation in monocopter

Mechanism design

  • Algorithm for compliant mechanism design
    • Constant force gripper
    • Gravity compensation
  • MRI-­compatible optical force sensor (Previous work)

Pedagogy research

  • Integrated Physics & Math for integrated interdisciplinary learning
  • Interdisciplinary learning through design activities uniting “Circuits & Electronics” and “Structure & Materials”
  • Interdisciplinary Teaching and Enhancement of breadth and depth of a course via two sets of learning objectives

Side Interest

  • Using Image Processing to Understand Twentieth-Century Architectural Colour Schemes in Singapore