Research Opportunities

1. Opportunities to Earn a PhD

Excellent candidates with a passion and motivation to pursue research in the area of materials science and engineering are encourage to consider pursuing a PhD with our group.  The PhD projects offered in this group are centered around the synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles and composites systems using solution chemistry methods.   The design and engineering of these systems for various applications such as biomedical imaging, optical waveguide amplifiers, diagnostic devices and membrane separation technologies are explored as part of the interdisciplinary collaborative research efforts in this group.

One of the most attractive and available opportunities for admission in the SUTD PhD program is the SUTD President’s Graduate Fellowship (  To apply for this, please go to this web page, to fill in the online application form.


 2. Undergraduate Research Opportunities (UROP, all year)

Undergraduates who have a strong interest in research, discussions and other creative activities are encourage to inquire about the undergraduate research projects available in our research group.  During the UROP experience, students will: (1) learn about the latest scientific and technological advancements, (2) develop lab skills and be trained on state-of-the-art instruments, (3) understand the principles underlying design of experiments, (4) practice making presentations, and (5) interact with established group scientists and our collaborators.  The UROP experience is also meant to complement the principles learnt during formal instruction and stretch the minds and potential of SUTD undergraduates.

Please contact for any further inquiries.