PhD positions

We are looking for Ph.D. students with a background in environmental engineering, optimization, statistics or applied mathematics.

> SUTD  offers competitive scholarships and an interdisciplinary curriculum. For more information, please visit SUTD-PhD and ESD-PhD website.

> The AISG PhD Fellowship Programme supports top AI research talents in pursuing their PhD in Singapore-based Autonomous Universities, including SUTD.

> The SUTD-NUS Joint PhD Programme (JDP) combines SUTD’s innovative curriculum with NUS’s established research programme. For more info, please visit JDP website.

> Singapore Public Utilities Board (the national water agency) and Economic Development Board offer PhD scholarships to both local and international students to develop expertise in Environment and Water Technologies. For more information, please visit Global HydroHub website.

> International students can also apply for the Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA), which is a joint collaboration between A*STAR, SUTD, NUS and NTU. PhD training is carried out in a chosen lab at A*STAR Research Institutes or at SUTD, NUS, NTU. For more information, please visit SINGA website.

> Singapore citizens and permanent residents have access to the PhD Industrial Postgraduate Programme (IPP), which is an initiative of the Economic Development Board (EDB). Successful applicants will be full-time salaried employees at a company of interest while pursuing PhD studies at SUTD. For more information, please visit SUTD-IPP-PhD website.