Task Oriented Linkage Design

Mechanical intelligence as opposed to electrical intelligence requires far less energy for its function due to the reduce number of actuators required. The ability to design minimally actuated mechanical systems, such as the Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests (Beach Animals), defines the boundary of inventive opportunities for a more sustainable solution. However, many of such designs are one off and relies a lot on the designer intuition. My research in this field seeks to develop the synthesis methods and computational tools for the systematic design of such intelligent mechanical systems leveraging on kinematic principles.

We have developed task-oriented computer-aided design tools at the conceptual level that deals with both type and dimensional synthesis of multi-loop mechanism.  We are able to leverage on parallel computing technology to compute, search through the design space and utilise assessment metrices to rank them for further evaluation.


Computer-Aided Design using ROS

Exemplifier Mechanisms