Some personal resources for understanding and applying singular learning theory. For more information, please read the textbook by Sumio Watanabe.

Thesis Algebraic methods for evaluating integrals in Bayesian statistics
Preprint Asymptotic approximation of marginal likelihood integrals
Notes Useful facts about RLCT
Slides What is singular learning theory?
Slides Singular Learning Theory: A view from Algebraic Geometry
Slides Computing resolutions: how and why
Slides Computing integral asymptotics using toric blow-ups of ideals
Video Studying model asymptotics with Singular learning theory
Website Macaulay2 library for computing RLCTs using Newton polyhedra

My slides and problem sets on Singular Learning Theory from the Motivic Invariants and Singularities workshop at the Center for Mathematics at Notre Dame (May 2013).

Day 1 Slides: Statistical Learning Theory
Day 1 Problems
Day 2 Slides: Real Log Canonical Threshold
Day 2 Problems
Day 3 Slides: Singularities in Graphical Models
Day 3 Problems
Day 4 Notes: Blow-ups and Zeta Functions.