AJA Sputtering System (ACTAlab custodian)
Uses RF and DC to sputter thin films
Newells Sputtering System (owned by ACTAlab)
Uses DC to sputter thin films
Pulse Laser Deposition (Owned by ACTAlab)
Uses laser plasma to deposit thin films
High Resolution X-ray Diffractometer (ACTAlab custodian)
Measures crystal structure, thickness and density of thin films
Atomic Force Microscope (ACTAlab Access)
Measures the thickness and roughness of thin films
Deionised Water Dispenser System (ACTAlab Access)
E-Beam Lithography (Nano Engineering Work Station with Integrated SEM)
(ACTAlab Access )
Hot Plate, Ultrasonic Tank, Spin Coater (ACTAlab Access )
Mask Aligner (ACTAlab Access )
Uses a mask to create patterns onto substrates
Surface Profiler (ACTAlab Access )
Uses a probe to measure the thickness of thin films
Maskless Aligner (built by ACTAlab)
Uses UV-rays to create patterns on to substrates
Olympus BX40 Microscope with Linkam Heating Stage Platform (owned by ACTAlab)
Heats up samples and measures the reflectivity. Uses a microscope to capture microscopic images.