6 papers accepted for presentation at IPS 2018

ACTAlab will be presenting the following papers at the Institute of Physics Singapore (IPS) meeting in March 2018:
  • Jitendra Kumar Behera, Xilin Zhou, Alok Ranjan, Robert Edwardsimpson:Optimisation of phase change van der Waals structures by statistical design of experiments
  • Li Tian Chew, Li Lu, Robert Simpson:Interfacial Damage in Phase Change Materials Tuned Optical Structures
  • Li Lu, Ramon Paniagua-Dominguez, Vytautas Valuckas, Arseniy I. Kuznetsov, Robert E. Simpson:Novel chalcogenide as a material platform for tunable nanoantenna arrays in the visible and near infrared spectrum
  • Jose Martinez, Weiling Dong, Robert Simpson:Optical response of chalcogenide phase-change materials
  • Jing Ning, Robert Simpson, Yee Kan Koh:Electrical, optical and thermal properties of Sb2Te3 and related materials.
  • Rob Simpson, Jitendra Behera, Janne Kallika, Xilin Zhou, “Active electronic and photonic materials by nanostructural design”