Language and Social Cognition Lab
Singapore University of Technology & Design
8 Somapah Road
Singapore 487372
Phone: 65-6303-6600


If you are a programme director or principal of any preschools / childcare centres and you would like to contribute more to the understanding of bilingualism, you can collaborate with us in our future research study!

Please fill out the following form and we will get back to you to tell you more about our study and respond to your enquiries.

Interest Form

If you are completing your PhD, Masters, or Bachelor degree in Psychology/Computer Science/Software Engineering/Statistics, and you are interested in joining our lab to learn and contribute to the exciting research we are doing, please contact Prof. Yow directly at  Available opportunities include SUTD-MIT postdoctoral fellowship, SUTD-MIT dual masters program, UROP, research assistantships, etc.



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