Below is a layout of my publications and projects in pipeline. The numbers follow the list in the next section.

Publications and projects in pipeline

Journal papers

1. H. Nguyen and S. Galelli (2018). A linear dynamical systems approach to streamflow reconstruction reveals history of regime shifts in northern Thailand. Water Resources Research. DOI: 10.1002/2017WR022114.
Preprint on EarthArXiv.                                          Poster at EGU 2018.

2. C. Libisch-Lehner, H. Nguyen, R. Taormina, H.P. Nachtnebel, and S. Galelli (2019). On the value of ENSO state for urban water supply system operators: opportunities, trade‐offs, and challenges. Water Resources Research. DOI: 10.1029/2018WR023622.
Preprint on Researchgate

Work in progress

3. H. Nguyen, S.W.D. Turner, B.M. Buckley, and S. Galelli. Coherent streamflow variability in Monsoon Asia over the past eight centuries—links to oceanic drivers. Under review with Geophysical Research Letters.

4. B.M. Buckley, H. Nguyen, S. Galelli, C.C. Ummenhofer, R.D. D’Arrigo, K.G. Hansen, and D.K. Stahle. The Southeast Asian Dendrochronology Project: Hydroclimate variability over the past millennium. To appear in Quaternary Science Reviews.

5. H. Nguyen, V. Barbarossa, S.W.D. Turner, B.M. Buckley, and S. Galelli. A high-resolution paleo streamflow record for Monsoon Asia with surrogate streamflow data. To be presented at MODSIM 2019.

6. H. Nguyen, S. Galelli, C. Xu, and B. M. Buckley. Multi-proxy streamflow reconstruction. In progress.

7. H. Nguyen, D. T. Vu, and S. Galelli. The value of streamflow reconstruction in the Chao Phraya River Basin. In progress.


  • Memstill for wastewater: effects of surfactants in the feed solution (M.Sc thesis), a project with the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO).
  • Real options analysis in hydraulic engineering, applications in Singapore water supply planning (Bachelor’s dissertation), a project with the Singapore-Delft Water Alliance.