17 October 2019 Second iteration of our flash talk workshop. ESD Bean Bag Space, 10 AM onwards. Brunch is served.
12 October 2019 After two years of work, my paleo Asia paper is finally submitted to Geophysical Research Letters.
1 October 2019 The website for SAPEC-2020 Data and Methods in Paleo Proxies Sciences field school is online. I’m gonna be busy organizing this with Brendan for the next couple of months.
20 September 2019 After months of preparations, ESD SummerCon 2019 is taking place!
26 August 2019 As a sideline event to ESD SummerCon 2019, Jia Yi and I are going to share our experience with flash talks. Library Training Room, 11 AM – 12 noon.
19 July 2019 I’m giving a talk at the Asian School of Environment, Nanyang Technological University, sharing my Monsoon Asia streamflow reconstruction results.
15 – 31 May 2019 I’m visiting Prof. Brendan Buckley at the Tree Ring Lab, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University. I’m giving talks in the lab and at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, sharing my Monsoon Asia streamflow reconstruction results.
19 March 2019 Our paper on the value of ENSO information for urban water supply is published in Water Resources Research!
17 January 2019 I participated in SUTD Research Fest and won the Best Research Project prize. Another important milestone in my sharing science journey.
03-06 January 2019 I attended the workshop Southeast Asian Paleoclimate Workshop: Isotopes in the Environment at the Bidoup-Nui Ba National Park, Vietnam. It was through a serendipitous series of events involving an Italian, an Australian, and three American that brought me to this workshop. To me this was a life changing experience.


10-14 December 2018 I joined AGU 2018 and gave a talk about my work on streamflow history across Asia. Interesting things took of from the people I met at AGU.
09-16 September 2018 I participated in the 29th European Dendroecological Field Week in Lonjsko Polje National Park, Croatia. It was such a wonderful experience with many first-times: cored my first trees, cross-dating my first samples, learned about so many new things, and giving a talk under the influence of alcohol (yep, they gave us beer at dinner and then have talks afterwards). I met so many cool people, too.
28 June 2018 I won the SUTD 3-Minute Thesis competition. This is a milestone in my journey of sharing science with the world.

22 May 2018 I passed my Preliminary Exam!
8 to 13 April 2018 I’m attending EGU 2018 and presenting a poster at Hall X5.358. This poster presents my streamflow reconstruction paper.
14 March 2018 I’m sharing my industrial experience with the SUTD community. The talk is titled “Building trust: an engineer’s non-engineering challenge”.
26 February 2018 My first paper is accepted to Water Resources Research!
17 January 2018 I’m presenting my streamflow reconstruction paper at the Centre for Climate Research Singapore (CCRS).


17 November 2017 I’m presenting my streamflow reconstruction paper to the SUTD Brain Lab.
03 November 2017 I’m presenting my streamflow reconstruction paper to the ESD Pillar as part of the ESD Graduate Seminar Series. Here’s the poster for the talk.
13 September 2017 I was presented with the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards from the ESD Pillar.
 06 to 11 August 2017 I’m attending AOGS 2017 and giving a talk on Friday 11 August at room 310, between 12:15 – 12:30 PM (paper number HS13-D5-AM2-310-013). This talk is about combining paleoreconstructed streamflow and stochastic streamflow generator. It is a result of my summer project work.