Teaching Index
  • Received excellent feedback from students in teaching and obtained consistently very high teaching index for the past 11 years. Based on the average mean for staff teaching index (in both lecture and tutorial), he was ranked amongst the best in teaching excellence in the Division of Circuits and Systems for 11 consecutive years from AY2003/2004 to AY2013/2014. Also, Prof. Yeo is among the best and most appreciated lecturer for the Renaissance Engineering Programme in AY2011-2012, 2012-2013 and 2013-2014.
Other Teaching Contributions & Achievements
  • REP Fellow, Renaissance Engineering Programme, NTU from 1 Apr 2011 to 31 Mar 2014 (Concurrent Appt)

  • IES Publication Awards
    • 6 IES (Institution of Engineer Singapore) Publication Awards (Student Category) had been received over 3 consecutive years (2002 to 2004) for the undergraduate final year projects (FYP)

  • Development of Teaching Materials
    • Higher 3 (H3) Programme – Semiconductor Physics and Devices
    • EE4343/E443/E443N – RF Circuit
    • EE4344/E444/E444N – Analysis and Design of IC
    • EE6306 – Digital Integrated Circuit Design
    • NM6001 – Digital IC Design
    • REP1002 – Electronic & Information Engineering I

  • Since 1996, Prof. Yeo has supervised >150 FYP students and from AY11/12 onwards, he has supervised 40 FYP students and 73 DIP/IA/IRA/UROP/URECA students. Listed below are his two teaching contributions and achievements.

    • Best Student Paper Award (2012)
      YAN Mei, YU Hao, YEO Kiat Seng, KANG Yuejun, “High-throughput Microfluidic Contact Imaging System for Bio-medical Applications”, Workshop on Microfluidics for Biomedical and Environmental Engineering jointly organized by the VALENS Centre of Excellence in the School of EEE at NTU, Singapore and the School of Applied Science, University of Tokyo, 16 Mar 2012, Best Student Paper Award.

    • Won AY2011/2012 DIP Project Competition
      He was the project supervisor of E033 who won the AY2011/2012 DIP project competition in Group VI – Electronics/Microelectronics.