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An Additive and Subtractive Process for Manufacturing with Natural Composites

Book chapter
Stylianos Dritsas, Yadunund Vijay, Marina Dimopoulou, Naresh D. Sanandiya, Javier G. Fernandez
Robotic Fabrication in Architecture, Art and Design. 2018: 181-191
Publication year: 2018


We present research work on a manufacturing process deploying natural composite materials. The objective of the project is to create a sustainable manufacturing process integrating materials, hardware, software and fabrication logic from the ground up. We deploy a bioinspired natural composite comprised by renewable, widely available, biodegradable and low-cost natural components. Material properties closely resemble those of high-density foams or low-density timbers and it is produced without any petrochemical or harmful solvents associated with adverse environmental effects. We designed a mobile material deposition system using the Direct Ink Writing method, with work envelope of over 3 m vertically and indefinite horizontal range, comprised of industrial robotic hardware and purpose-built mechanical mobile platform. We performed testing in characterizing material properties with and without the introduction of the printing process, tightly integrated material behavior with manufacturing and developed design software for direct transition from design to production. To address scaling, we approached the fabrication process from the perspective of fusing the best principles from both additive and subtractive manufacturing, offering geometric freedom and material efficiency of additive manufacturing while targeting production and quality efficiencies of subtractive and forming processes. We believe this process has the potential of significant impact on general manufacturing as well as the building industry.

Microscale Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering

Book chapter
Wheeldon I, Fernandez JG, Bae H, Kaji H, Khademhosseini A.
Springer | Vienna 2011 | 119-138 | ISBN: 978-3-7091-0384-5
Publication year: 2011

9783709103845 (Small)Abstract:

A concise overview of tissue engineering technologies and materials towards specific applications, both past and potential growth areas in this unique discipline is provided to the reader. The specific area of the biomaterial component used within the paradigm of tissue engineering is examined in detail. This is the first work to specifically covers topics of interest with regards to the biomaterial component. The book is divided into 2 sections: (i) general materials technology (e.g., fibrous tissue scaffolds) and (ii) applications in the engineering of specific tissues (e.g., materials for cartilage tissue engineering). Each chapter covers the fundamentals and reflects not only a review of the literature, but also addresses the future of the topic. The book is intended for an audience of researchers in both industry and academia that are interested in a concise overview regarding the biomaterials component of tissue engineering, a topic that is timely and only growing as a field.

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