Where biology meets materials science

At the Bioinspired & Integrative Science Lab (a.k.a. The Fermart Lab) we believe materials sciences and engineering have always defined the boundaries of the human technological development and the societal characteristics. In fact, the historical periods of the humanity can be defined by the advances on the use of specific materials, such as stone, bronze, iron, and silicon/plastic. Our next technological age will be defined by the integration of biological concepts and components in every other engineering field, bringing society to what we have dubbed as the “Biomaterial age“.

In our laboratory we use materials science as starting point to the study of natural systems and the development of engineering solutions. Combining concepts and tools from animal physiology, ecology, ASTM testing, software engineering, or cellular engineering, we pursue two complementary objectives: the study and application of molecular principles of natural systems, and the integration of biological components and features into technological solutions.

About the Fermart Lab


How to support our work

Do you want to collaborate? Something very simple you can do is get informed, spread the word, share our work with others. We do what we do to improve society, and we are passionate about it, but we need your help to make a difference.

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