Some of my talks can be found below.

  • (2014) npqr2 international workshop: Some new series for 1/pi
  • (2013) SUTD: A case study in experimental mathematics (PDF)
  • (2013) NUS: Integrals involving products of elliptic integrals
  • (2013) ISSAC 2013: Hypergeometric generating functions and series for 1/pi
  • (2013) Newcastle: Elliptic integrals, L-values and lattice sums
  • (2012) CARMA number theory seminar: Elementary proofs for sums of double zeta values (PDF)
  • (2011) AustMs 11 (B. H. Neumann Prize): Legendre polynomials and pi (PDF)
  • (2011) AustMs 11: Logsin integrals and other topics in experimental mathematics (keynote on behalf of J. M. Borwein)
  • (2011) CARMA number theory seminar: Legendre polynomials, modularity, and pi
  • (2010) AustMs 10: Densities of random walks (PDF)
  • (2010) Workshop on experimentation and computation in number theory: Number theoretical aspects of random walks (PDF)
  • (2010) CARMA number theory seminar: Moments of products of elliptic integrals (PDF)
  • (2009) Newcastle: Random walk integrals (PDF)