Woman-portable Low-field MRI Head Imager

This project is to develop a low-cost and man-portable magnetic resonance (MR) based imager for head and extremity imaging. The development is based on permanent magnets. It has safe fringing field and can fit in an ambulance. The first application aimed is to expedite stroke treatment by 20-30 minutes in an ambulance for improving patients’ survival rates. With its portability and affordability, the machine also serves as practical medical imaging solution for developing countries, natural disaster rescues, and military applications. It can be further developed to assist the studies in the areas of biology, rehabitation, agriculture, etc.

RF system for ultra-high field human MRI scanner using advanced RF technology

UHF_RF system_11Feb2017

Magnetic resonance electrical property tomography (MREPT)


EEG Electrodes for Continuous Real-Time Cognitive Function Monitoring and Interventions

Fast electromagnetic solvers for MRI safety

Antennas for body-centric wireless communications

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