BioMedical-Electromagnetics Group


– To develop ground-breaking electromagnetic solutions to revolutionize biomedical technology
– To advance the frontier of both electromagnetics and biomedicine-related physics


Low field magnetic resonance imaging system
– RF system for ultra-high field human MRI scanner using advanced RF technology
– Magnetic resonance electrical property tomography (MREPT)
– Fast electromagnetic solvers for MRI safety
– Antennas for body-centric wireless communications


– Manish Prajapati (Ph.D. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), postdoc
– Yang Junqi (M. Eng. NUS), senior research associate
– Koh Yan Hao (B. Eng. SUTD), research assistant
– Rajendran Meena, Ph.D. candidate
– Liang Ting-Ou (B. Eng. Zhejiang University, China) Ph.D. candidate
– Heng Jing Han (B. Eng. SUTD), Ph.D. candidate
– Zhao Lina (Associate professor, Chengdu University of Information Technology(CUIT)), visiting professor

Alumni (should you have inquiries on the work the following researchers have done in SUTD, please contact the PI or the HR of SUTD)

Graduated Ph.D.
– Tie Qiu (B. Eng. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) Ph.D. 2022 (IPP with Keysight)
– Wenshen Zhou (B. Eng. Harbin Institute of Technology, China), Ph.D. 2020, working as a MR Research Collaboration Scientist at United Imaging healthcare, China (LinkedIn)
– Zhihua Ren (B. Eng. Zhejiang University, China), Ph.D. 2020, working as a postdoc at Columbia University, USA (LinkedIn)
– Elizaveta Motovilova (M. Sci., Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology, Russia), Ph.D. 2019, working as a postdoc at Weill Cornell Medicine, USA (LinkedIn)
Postdoctoral Fellow
– Pengde Wu (Ph.D. Sichuan University, China), postdoctoral fellow, wireless power transfer, Mar. 2019-Jan.2020
– Vijayasarathi Nagarajan (Ph.D. University of Leipzig, Germany), postdoctoral fellow, aerosol jet printing, Mar. 2019-Jan.2020
– Srikumar Sandeep (Ph.D. University of Colorado, Boulder, U.S.A.), postdoctoral fellow, EM for biomedical applications (not MRI-related), 19 Aug. 2017 – 25 Feb. 2019
– Dhiraj Sinha (Ph.D. University of Cambridge, UK), SUTD-MIT postdoctoral fellow, EM for biomedical applications (not MRI-related), Sept. 2016 – Sept. 2018
– Changyou Li (Ph.D. University Paris Sud, France), postdoctoral fellow, EM for biomedical applications (MREPT), 2015-2016
– Zuhui Ma (Ph.D. University of Hong Kong), postdoctoral fellow (fast EM solver for MRI safety), 2015

Research associate/assistant
– Jiasheng Su (M. Eng. University of Electronic Science & Technology of China, China), research associate, electromagnetics and circuits, 2014-2017
– Zhou Lei (M. Eng. University of Electronic Science & Technology of China, China), research associate, 2015-2016
– Yangshu Shen (M. Eng. University of Electronic Science & Technology of China, China), research associate, June 2016- May 2017
– One Shi Ke (B. Eng. SUTD, Singapore), research assistant, EEG electrodes
– Chen Yidan (B. Eng. SUTD, Singapore) Research Assistant, aerosol jet printing
– Gong Jia (B. Eng. Chongqing University, China) Research Assistant, portable MRI


– SUTD-Keysight Industrial Collaboration
– Singapore-MIT Appliance for Research and Technology (SMART) innovation grant, 2013-2018
– SUTD Start-Up Research Grant, 2014-2017
– SUTD-Zhejiang University Research Grant, 2015-2018
– SUTD-IDC grant, 2015-2016

Collaborations (Alphabetical) 

– Clinical Imaging Research Center of A-star (Singapore)
– Chiba University (Japan)
– Columbia University (U.S.A.)
– Carthage College (U.S.A.)
– Keysight Technologies Singapore Holdings Pte Ltd (Singapore)
– Massachusetts general hospital (U.S.A.)
– National University Hospital(Singapore)
– Tan Tock Seng hospital (Singapore)
– University of Minnesota, Center for Magnetic Resonance Research (U.S.A.)
– Zhejiang University, Interdisciplinary Institute of Neuroscience and Technology (P.R.China)


Ph.D. Students
We look for highly motivated Ph.D. students working on electromagnetics-related problems. PhD scholarship is available.
Postdoctoral fellows
Two positions are available. Please find the specific openings here.
MRI Engineer
We look for an MRI engineer who works well independently within a dynamic group and has strong interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with basic scientists, physicians, and medical staffs. For the details of the position, please find it at this link.

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