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Selected Journal Publication

ImageAuthors TitleJournalYearVolIssPage
S Vijayan, M Hashimoto3D printed fittings and fluidic modules for customizable droplet generatorsRSC Adv2019952822-2828
T Hizawa, A Takano, P Parthiban, PS Doyle, E Iwase, M HashimotoRapid prototyping of fluoropolymer microchannels by xurography for improved solvent resistanceBiomicrofluidics2018126064105
WH Goh, M HashimotoDual Sacrificial Molding: Fabricating 3D Microchannels with Overhang and Helical FeaturesMicromachines2018910523
B Zhang, S Li, H Hingorani, A Serjouei, L Larush, AA Pawar, WH Goh, AH Sakhaei, M Hashimoto, K Kowsari, S Magdassi and Q GeHighly stretchable hydrogels for UV curing based high-resolution multimaterial 3D printingJ Mater Chem B20186
WH Goh and M HashimotoFabrication of 3D microfluidic channels using digitally fabricated, water-soluble sacrificial moldMacromol Mater Eng201830331700484
N Liu, J Xu, Hj An, DT Phan, M Hashimoto, and WS LewDirect Spraying Method for Fabrication of Paper-based Microfluidic DevicesJ Micromech Microeng20172710104001
W Chi, W Yin, Q Qi, Q Qiao, Y Lin, Z Zhu, S Vijayan, M Hashimoto, G Udayakumar, Z Xu, X LiuGround-state conformers enable bright single-fluorophore ratiometric thermometers with positive temperature coefficientsMater Chem Front20171112383-2390
R Kelmansky, BJ McAlvin, A Nyska, JC Dohlman, HH Chiang, M Hashimoto, DS Kohane, and B MizrahiStrong tissue glue with tunable elasticityActa Biomater20175393-99
TY Chang, CY Sung, M Hashimoto, and CM ChengFabricating small-scale, curved, polymeric structures for biological applications using a combination of photocurable/thermocurable polydimethylsiloxane and phase interactionsAppl Phys A20161229813
H Kathuria, JS Kochhar, MH Fong, M Hashimoto, C Iliescu, H Yu, and L KangPolymeric Microneedle Array Fabrication by PhotolithographyJ Vis Exp2015105
IP Monteiro, D Gabriel, BP Timko, M Hashimoto, S Karajanagi, R Tong, AP Marques, RL Reis, and DS KohaneA two-component pre-seeded dermal-epidermal scaffoldActa Biomater201410124928-4938
JJ Lee, KJ Jeong, M Hashimoto, AH Kwon, A Rwei, SA Shankarappa, JH Tsui, and DS KohaneSynthetic ligand-coated magnetic nanoparticles for microfluidic bacterial separation from bloodNano Lett20141411-5
M Hashimoto, R Langer, and DS KohaneBenchtop fabrication of microfluidic systems based on curable polymers with improved solvent compatibilityLab Chip2013132252-259
M Hashimoto, R Tong, and DS KohaneMicrodevices for nanomedicineMol Pharm20131062127-2144
W Choi, M Hashimoto, AK Ellerbee, X Chen, KJ Bishop, P Garstecki, HA Stone, and GM WhitesidesBubbles navigating through networks of microchannelsLab Chip201111233970-3978
M Hashimoto and GM WhitesidesFormation of bubbles in a multisection flow-focusing junctionSmall2010691051-1059
F Miyake, M Hashimoto, S Tonsiengsom, K Yakushijin, and DA HorneSynthesis of 5-(3-indolyl)oxazole natural products. Structure revision of Almazole DTetrahedron201066264888-4893
AC Siegel, SK Tang, CA Nijhuis, M Hashimoto, ST Phillips, MD Dickey, and GM WhitesidesCofabrication: a strategy for building multicomponent microsystemsAcc Chem Res2010434518-528
M Kubo, X Li, C Kim, M Hashimoto, BJ Wiley, D Ham, and GM WhitesidesStretchable microfluidic radiofrequency antennasAdv Mater201022252749-2752
M Hashimoto, J Feng, RL York, AK Ellerbee, G Morrison, SW Thomas, L Mahadevan, and GM WhitesidesInfochemistry: Encoding Information as Optical Pulses Using Droplets in a Microfluidic Device J Am Chem Soc20091313412420-12429
CA Stan, GF Schneider, SS Shevkoplyas, M Hashimoto, M Ibanescu, BJ Wiley, and GM WhitesidesA microfluidic apparatus for the study of ice nucleation in supercooled water dropsLab Chip20099162293-2305
Q Xu, M Hashimoto, TT Dang, T Hoare, DS Kohane, GM Whitesides, R Langer, and DG AndersonPreparation of monodisperse biodegradable polymer microparticles using a microfluidic flow-focusing device for controlled drug deliverySmall20095131575-1581
M Hashimoto, SS Shevkoplyas, B Zasonska, T Szymborski, P Garstecki, and GM WhitesidesFormation of bubbles and droplets in parallel, coupled flow-focusing geometriesSmall20084101795-1805
M Hashimoto, P Garstecki, HA Stone, and GM WhitesidesInterfacial instabilities in a microfluidic Hele-Shaw cellSoft Matter2008471403
M Hashimoto, P Garstecki, and GM WhitesidesSynthesis of composite emulsions and complex foams with the use of microfluidic flow-focusing devicesSmall20073101792-1802
M Hashimoto, B Mayers, P Garstecki, and GM WhitesidesFlowing lattices of bubbles as tunable, self-assembled diffraction gratingsSmall20062111292-1298

Fluidics, Soft Matter and Digital Fabrication