Paper on Okara 3D Printing Published

Cheng Pau’s paper on 3D printing of okara was published. We demonstrated that okara, a soybean byproduct, can be 3D-printed without any additives. This is one unique way to upcycle food waste, potentially contributing to food sustainability. Many thanks to the co-authors, Prof. Takahashi (Tokyo Tech, Japan), Prof. Arai (Kanazawa U, Japan), and Prof. Lee (NTU, Singapore).

This work was also highlighted as a cover image of ACS Food Science and Technology. Congratulations to Cheng Pau and the team!

3D Printing of Okara Ink: The Effect of Particle Size on the Printability
CP Lee, M Takahashi, S Arai, CLK Lee, and M Hashimoto
ACS Food Sci. Technol. 2021, 1, 11, 2053–2061