Paper on microstructures fabricated by PolyJet printer published

Sindhu’s paper on micromolds fabricated by Polyjet printer is published. The fidelity of Polyjet printing is known to be affected by reflow and spreading of photoresin. In this work, we studied the deviations in both lateral and vertical dimensions of the microstructures printed by PolyJet printers. Crucially, we found the effect on the height of the printed features is prominent when the width of the feature is narrow. This finding should be useful for the design and fabrication of microstructures using PolyJet printers, especially for the fabrication of the mold for microchannels. Congratulations, Sindhu, Pravien and the team!

Evaluation of Lateral and Vertical Dimensions of Micromolds Fabricated by a PolyJet™ Printer
Micromachines, 2021, 12 (3), 302
Sindhu Vijayan, Pravien Parthiban, and Michinao Hashimoto