Paper on Liquid Metal Antenna Published

Kento’s paper on the liquid metal antenna on the ultra-deformable substrate was published. We developed a liquid-metal-based flexible antenna for tissue-interfaced biomedical applications. Coil-shape microchannels were 3D-printed on a thin elastomeric film and Galinstan (a low toxicity gallium alloy) was infused to achieve a wireless device. The fluidic antenna operates in response to near-field communication frequency (13.56 MHz) under extreme deformation, on wet tissue, or both. We believe the developed flexible antenna finds applications as an implantable and tissue-adhesive wireless platform. Congratulations, Kento, Wenshen, Terry, and the team! Thank you for the amazing collaboration, Professor Huang.

Ultra-Deformable and Tissue-Adhesive Liquid Metal Antennas with High Wireless Powering Efficiency
Adv. Mater, 2021, 2008062
Kento Yamagishi, Wenshen Zhou, Terry Ching, Shao Ying Huang, and Michinao Hashimoto*