Paper on embedded core-shell printing published

Rahul and Jason’s work on embedded core-shell printing has been published. Embedded 3D printing (e3DP) has been widely demonstrated to fabricate free-form structures of flexible resins (such as polysiloxane). In this work, we investigated the feasibility of e3DP consisting of three fluids (core phase, shell phase and embedding media), which we termed embedded core-shell 3D printing (eCS3DP). Our study suggested that free-form fabrication of core-shell liquid is possible, and the removal of the core phase allows facile fabrication of 3D perfusable constructs made of polysiloxane (Ecoflex 10). We also observed that, depending on the selection of fluids, the core phase is uniformly dispersed in the shell phase to form droplets. This work demonstrated a simple route to fabricate 3D perfusable constructs that can be potentially applicable for soft sensors and actuators. Congratulations Rahul and Jason!

Embedded Core–Shell 3D Printing (eCS3DP) with Low-Viscosity Polysiloxanes
R Karyappa, WH Goh, and M Hashimoto
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2022