Paper on biomimetic vasculature published

Terry’s paper on biomimetic vasculature is now published online. Biofabrication of vascular surrogates is important in studying cardiovascular disease, but existing fabrication methods are yet limited in achievable vasculature structures. In this work, we demonstrated a unique method of biofabrication by the combination of molding and coaxial printing to realize freestanding cell-laden vasculatures with complex 3D geometries. Many thanks and congratulations to everyone in the team. This work is another great collaboration with Professor Yi-Chin Toh.

Biomimetic Vasculatures by 3D-Printed Porous Molds
T Ching, J Vasudevan, SY Chang, HY Tan, AS Ranganath, CT Lim, JG. Fernandez, JJ Ng, YC Toh, M Hashimoto
Small, 2022, 2203426