Paper on Preheated Gelatin Printing Published

Justin’s paper on preheating gelatin is published. We demonstrated preheating gelatin extended its 3D printing time compared to freshly prepared gelatin and enhanced the printability of the ink, which is essential for extrusion-based bioprinting and food printing. Congratulations Justin and Cheng Pau!

Preheating of Gelatin Improves its Printability with Transglutaminase in Direct Ink Writing 3D Printing
Int. J. Bioprint., 2020, 6, 4, 296
Justin Jia Yao Tan, Cheng Pau Lee, Michinao Hashimoto

Paper on Interstitial Flow Device Published

Azusa and Jason’s paper on ECM-based microchannels demonstrating interstitial flow has been published. We demonstrated to fabricate ECM-based microfluidic devices to mimic interstitial flow through ECM. The interstitial flow allowed controlling the chemical environment at the surface of the hydrogel, which can regulate cellular response.

This work is led by Azusa (Keio U, a former visiting student to SUTD) and Jason. Shun (Keio U) and Rahul contributed to this work. Many thanks to Prof. Onoe for amazing collaboration!

ECM-based microfluidic gradient generator for tunable surface environment by interstitial flow
Biomicrofluidics, 2020, 14, 044106.

Jason Completed PhD Defense

Jason successfully completed his PhD defense and the revision of the thesis! First Ph.D. from the group and we are proud of his achievement. We are thankful to all committee members, Professor Yang, Professor Ai and Professor Fernandez, for continuing encouragement and advice.

Congratulations Dr. Goh!

Paper on 3D Milk Printing Published

Cheng Pau’s paper on 3D printing of milk-based product is published. We developed a method to print 3D structures consisting of milk (consisting of powder milk and water). The entire process is carried out at room temperature, which will find applications in 3D printing of materials containing temperature-sensitive nutrients. Congratulations Cheng Pau and Rahul!

3D printing of milk-based product
RSC Adv., 2020, 10, 29821-29828
Cheng Pau Lee, Rahul Karyappa and Michinao Hashimoto

Paper on Toner-based Paper Fluidic Devices Published

James’s paper on fabrication of paper-based analytical devices using a toner laser printer is published. This work is particularly important because the popular wax printer has been discontinued. As toner requires longer time for penetration than wax upon heating, we addressed the associated problem of cellulose pyrolysis. Congratulations!

Fabrication of paper microfluidic devices using a toner laser printer
RSC Adv., 2020,10, 29797-29807
James S. Ng and Michinao Hashimoto

Paper on ECM-based Microchannels Published

Azusa’s paper on ECM-based stretchable microchannels is published and highlighted as an inside cover of the issue. Many thanks to Professor Onoe for leading this collaboration.

Azusa and Jason demonstrated to fabricate perfusable and stretchable microchannels using 3D-printed sacrificial molds. Azusa visited SUTD from Keio University as a part of collaboration. We also thank Mr. Itai and Professor Miura for realizing this work.

ECM-based microchannel for culturing in vitro vascular tissues with simultaneous perfusion and stretch
A Shimizu, WH Goh, S Itai, M Hashimoto, S Miura, H Onoe, Lab Chip, 2020,20, 1917-1927

Congratulations Azusa, Jason and everyone!