Logic Gate


The ever-increasing demand for faster computers is tackled by reducing the size of device, but this is becoming almost impossible to continue. To improve the speed of computers, a solution is to increase the number of operations performed per device. On top of that, the device needs to achieve fast speed of operations. Here, we control the process of melting to perform logic operations. Ultrafast speed of melting and numerous operations were achieved. Computer simulation and electrical measurement show the origin and kinetics of melting. These advances open the doorway for developing computers that could potentially perform calculations at well beyond current processing rates.


1. D. Loke, J. M. Skelton, W. J. Wang, T. H. Lee, R. Zhao, T. C. Chong, S. R. Elliott. Ultrafast Phase-Change Logic Device Driven by Melting Processes. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 11, 13272-13277 (2014).

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