Graduate Students
Graduate students are selected and enrolled in the spring term and the fall term at SUTD. The spring term starts in January, and in September, the fall term begins. We accept prospective international students, local students and current SUTD students from many disciplines, including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Materials Science, Computer Science, Mathematics and all fields of Engineering. If you are interested in biological sensing systems, artificial neural networks and digital memory technology, please contact Prof. Loke. List of the selected projects can be:
– Brain-Inspired Neuromorphic Computing
– In-Memory Computing
– Two-Dimensional (2D) Materials
– Cancer Cell Sensor
– The Cancer Thermal Therapy
– Reinforcement Learning

Post-Doctoral Researchers 
Currently, we are working to provide support for more postdoctoral associates. However, researchers with independent support are encouraged to inquire about possible projects. To apply, please email Prof. Loke a cover letter stating research interests, a current CV, and a list of three references.

Undergraduate Students
Undergraduate research opportunities programme (UROP) projects are often available. Interested SUTD undergraduate students should contact Prof. Loke.