Cool stuff we do in class!

Week 1 Cohort 2

We applied the definition of serious games, gamification and simulations using 5 real-world examples from healthcare. These include Friday Night at the ER, Stardew Valley, Sea of Solitude, Mindlight and Rendever.

Week 4 Cohort 1 - The Hospital Scheduling Game

These are the results of a trial run of the hospital scheduling game in class during Week 4 Cohort 1.

Week 4 Cohort 2 - abcdeSIM

As of 28 June 2020, we actually have four of our students at top 20 positions, with Keng Hin first at the moment! Check out the scores here.

Week 9 Cohort 1 - Playtest Movie Screening

Here are our top 5 videos created by students. They were asked to make a modification to a common game and perform a playtest.

Week 10 Cohort 2 - STRESSJAM Lab Session

Week 10 Cohort 3 - Accomodate

Week 14 Cohort 1 - Rolljak