Dr. Bina Rai, a microbiologist, bio-engineer and an avid educator, is a Senior Lecturer with the Science, Math and Technology Cluster at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). She is the Program Director for the SUTD-Changi General Hospital (CGH) healthcare collaboration and the special SUTD (Bachelor) – DUKE NUS (MD) track. She is the course lead of the 10.019 Science and Technology for Healthcare course offered in Term 3. She is an educational innovator dedicated to bring joy and play back into the classroom. She is known for her innovations within science undergraduate teaching, in particular for her use of flipped classroom and virtual lab simulations. Her featured course, 01.114: Instructional Design of Serious Games for Healthcare, is a final term, evidence-based approach to instructional design and development of serious games for healthcare applications. In the course, Rai assigns students to small groups and challenges them to evaluate local, real-life serious games/simulations using fundamental instructional design concepts.

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