Research Interests

Research Interests

Our research interests are primary to understand the interactions and energy conversion of basic particles (electrons, phonons and photons) in surrounding structures, materials and medium (including plasmas), and to explore its novel applications.

Our current research areas are briefly discribed below:

Electron Emission and Transport

In this topic, we are interested in all aspects of electron emission and its interactions, especially for high current cathode application. In additional to understanding, we are interested in explore all types of applications that require such high current electron beam in developing multi-dimensional models, quantum models, ultrafast electron bunches, emission noise, and new emission theory for novel materials.

Electrical Contact and its Charge Transport

In this topic, we are interesting in understanding the transport process of charges at the interfaces and contacts, such as charge injection to organic materials, dielectric gate oxide, and barrier-type field effect transistor. Other novel materials such as Graphene, TMD materials, superconductors are included to study its applications in device physics and to revise if the traditional models are valid.

Dirac-Materials Based Devices

In this topic, we are interested developing prototypes or conceptual design in using Dirac materials for applications such as low power valleytronics, photodetectors, energy convertors, plasma thrusters, and space electronics.

Computational Methods in Fractional Models

In this topic, we are interested in using fractional models to simulate various physical systems to have fast computations verified with full numerical simulation and experimental measurement.