Excellent PhD Oppotunity

[PhD scholarship opportunity: Contact me at once if you are interested]

I have been talking to this company TUV SUD recently. They are very interested in funding capable students to pursuing PhD degrees whilst working an employee in TUV (Singapore) to help them solving real problems. I see this to be a great opportunity as (1) you will be working a pioneer member of this new division of TUV to support the existing six divisions (the division is expanding rapidly now); (2) you will be solving real-world problems while pursuing PhD; (3) you will be fully funded: all tuition fee, monthly salary in the range of 3.5K or even more; (4) for those who have to serve bond, this counts towards that.

Do note that unlike normal IPP PhD scholarship where only Singaporean or PR are eligible, TUV is kind enough to provide full support should any foreigner is interested. If you are interested, do contact me once. If you know someone who might be interested, do share the information.

Info on TUV SUD: http://www.tuv-sud.com/home_com

Info on the project:

Company: TUV SUD
Project: Software Based Verification of Complex Smart Systems
A whole range of systems are getting smarter with the development of smart technologies and whole new market segments are evolving, such as smart homes, smart transportation or industry 4.0. The smartness however introduces complexity in analysing and verifying these systems in terms of safety, security, reliability, availability and interoperability, which are essential for being implemented on a large scale.
In this project, we are seeking capable students to conduct a PhD research project on
(1) analysing actual smart systems using a software-based approach;
(2) building specific analysis techniques for particular domains of smart systems;
(3) developing fundamental analysis methods for different kinds of smart systems.
The analysis techniques relevant to this project include “smart” simulation techniques, model checking and other system analysis and verification techniques in general. The candidates are expected to have a bachelor degree in computer science or related area. Candidates are expected to have distinct analytical skills and a strong programming background.
The successful candidate will conduct this research within a collaboration between SUTD and TUV SUD and will be exposed to real systems. This PhD research project will last for 4 years and will result in the achievement of a doctorate.