Post-Doc fellowships

> SUTD, in collaboration with the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART), has recently launched a joint postdoctoral Fellowship Programme.

PhD positions

We are looking for Ph.D. students with a background in environmental engineering, optimization, statistics or applied mathematics.

> SUTD  offers competitive scholarships and an interdisciplinary curriculum. For more information, please visit SUTD-PhD and ESD-PhD website.

> The SUTD-NUS Joint PhD Programme (JDP) combines SUTD’s innovative curriculum with NUS’s established research programme. For more info, please visit JDP website.

> An interesting opportunity for local and international PhD applicants is the SMART Graduate Fellowship, a 4-year scheme that allows to conduct research at the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology Centre (SMART). A key attraction is a sponsorship for a 6-month research residency at MIT. For more information, please visit SMART website.

> International students can also apply for the Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA), which is a joint collaboration between A*STAR, SUTD, NUS and NTU. PhD training is carried out in a chosen lab at A*STAR Research Institutes or at SUTD, NUS, NTU. For more information, please visit SINGA website.

> The Environment & Water Industry Programme Office (EWI) offers PhD scholarships to both local and international students to develop experts in Environment and Water Technologies. For more information, please visit EWI website.

> Singapore citizens and permanent residents have access to the PhD Industrial Postgraduate Programme (IPP), which is an initiative of the Economic Development Board (EDB). Successful applicants will be full-time salaried employees at a company of interest while pursuing PhD studies at SUTD. For more information, please visit SUTD-IPP-PhD website.