Research Interests

Nils is interested in information security aspects of practical systems. In particular, Nils is currently working on security analysis of large heterogeneous systems such as (smart) power grids. In addition, Nils is interested in physical layer security aspects of wireless and embedded systems, for example secure ranging, distance measurements and communication using wireless signals.

Current Research Projects

Project ReSILIoT: Research and Security Innovation Lab for Internet of Things
Status: Started 2015/09/14, funded until 2018/9/13
Role: Track-PI for 1 Task
Duration: 3 Years
More details here

Project SUTD-ASPIRE: Advancing Security of Public Infrastructure using Resilience and Economics
Status: Started 2015/04/01
Funding: 5.3M SGD
Role: Track-PI for 2 Tasks
Duration: 4 Years
More details here

Location Privacy in Smart Cities
Status: Started 2017/07/15
Role: PI, together with Shibo He from ZJU
Duration: 1 Year
More details here

Completed Research Projects

National Science Experiment
Status: Started 2015/02/27
Role: Track-PI for 1 Task
Duration: 3 Years
More details here

Project SAFE: Security Assessment and Forensic Examination
Status: Started 2014/08/01
Funding: 100k SGD
Role: PI
Duration: 3 Year
More details here

CYPRO / iTrust Phase 1
Track: Physical Attacks & Access Control for mobile CPS
Status: Finished in September 2016, started in 2013/08/01, joined 2014/10/01
Role: Co-PI
Duration: 3 Years
More details here