Hours: Come by at any time, or make an appointment via mail.

Room number: 1.502.14, which translates to Building 1, floor 5 (ISTD HQ). I’m right next to ISTD’s main Alan Turing meeting room  and Prof. Aditya Mathur’s office.


If you are calling me from outside Singapore: please consider that Singapore uses timezone UTC+08:00.

Phone: +65 6499 4869
Fax: please send by email

Address: 8 Somapah Road, 487372, Singapore

How to get to SUTD Campus:

Driving/ taxi: 8 Somapah Road (near Expo MRT). In case the driver does not know Somapah Road yet, tell him to go to Singapore EXPO, drive past the entrance, and go right  onto Somapah Road. You should see the SUTD buildings at that point. The ground floor of the central hall leads to the “one-stop center” on the right hand side – in case you need further directions, or you want to be picked up by me.

Public transport: Take blue line to Upper Changi station. Exit is right on campus. Alternatively, green line to MRT Expo. From there, 10 min of walking:

Public SSH Key

In case you ever want to allow me to SSH into your machine, authorize the following key:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDV5yQXzBEVL7LWsraATmXRmwvDvts7TvtWq5fFuxjEb/Sol/FBrQKFctkFmu2Aj0AoMObrvETcIxyZDLvGTly+TYh+2zb+mHcr9AllLU8vpT5CnX2vmRMzsPdMw4fk9F/s0bSJvatDtO3jDFiFW4WpEyQLafkXDvG/ySRP2c1ED9b3SwjEA1mHSblVvX5IFqJqQ7CJ5UgpJg5TSDSLCoRpmq8mZjJvOdL8plHRZFYmMzEUHBBy1UfBYger/w/Uj+MuFT9Uc9MbVFq3Xhb96K3NvzMniBmFdVuN1Tx+XaFtOPvmxDVmWXqxeK1zmQ9oKWaJn7NJi7Hv9PSZob+qncSb