HYOWON LEE  B.Eng., M.Sc., Ph.D.
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My Year 2012 was marked by my attempts at exploring various possibilities for research and collaborations as a new Faculty at SUTD, getting to know my new SUTD colleagues, very first active learning classes I co-led May-July, and moving to MIT as a visiting scholar in August. Below are some of the highlights of my work in 2012.

Presenting at the SUTD-MIT International Design Center (18 October)
I presented at IDC Center summarising my research activity, with examples from my design portfolio including CCTV search system and lifelogging photo browsing application.

Presenting at the International Conference on New Media, Memories and Histories (5-6 October)
This was an unusual paper I was involved in - I worked with Grace (HASS) and Sunghee (IDC) to develop an argument on how we should address privacy, ethical and other social issues in dealing with lifelogging. The conference was held in NTU, where I had to fly all the way from Boston to attend and present. An unusual conference and unusual audience for me (most of them were liberal arts and literary researchers rather than technology researchers) - but it gave me the flavour of pushing myself into a more inter-disciplinary research.

Becoming a Visiting Scholar at MIT (16 August - )
After 8 months of my Singaporean life, I moved to Cambridge, MA, as part of TTT Program by SUTD - I am currently a Visiting Scholar at MIT, working in the User Interface Design Group.

Visiting Lucasfilm (1 June)
I visited Lucasfilm Singapore with Simon, David and Aditya, to attend the presentations on their history, current research and plans to recruit researchers and developers for their team.

Teaching at SUTD in its very 1st semester (May - July)
Our math team had more than 20 people, including Tom (SUTD President), Faculty and other teaching support. I taught a cohort class composed of 45 students with two excellent colleagues, Zu and Zaichun. Three of us did our very first semester of the university in a highly active learning style to guide, inform, teach, encourage and motivate our students to self-learning and peer-to-peer learning. Our classroom was equipped with all rollable mini-tables and chairs (to allow very quick re-configuration of group activities during the active learning class), 6 ceiling-mounted projectors on all sides of the room, 8+ rollable whiteboards to be used for group discussions and brainstorming.

Presenting to Pioneer Junior College students (16 May)
I gave a 1-hour lecture to a group of Pioneer Junior College students and their teachers on the current research frontier in Human-Computer Interaction and Interaction Design, with particular focus on designing novel applications.

Presenting at SUTD Tea Series (20 April)
I presented at the Tea Series in SUTD on my research and especially the new design methodology framing work that I have been developing, and examples from lifelogging.

Presenting at HCI@SUTD (28 March)
This was the first HCI event at SUTD - I presented my HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) research along with my other ISTD and EPD Faculty members. Audiences included researchers from NUS and SMU.

Visiting SAP (26 March)
I and David visited SAP to discuss possible collaboration - I presented my design work and approach I take, then discussed how we could align our work together.

Visiting UKM Malaysia (17-18 March)
I visited University Kegansaan Malaysia to meet Naz and her Institute of Visual Informatics (IVI) at UKM, to discuss our future collaboration and co-supervision possibilities - also met Alan for the first time since I left Dublin in November.

Attending 3D Interactive Digital Media Workshop, NTU (12-13 March)
I attended the 2-day workshop hosted by the Institute for Media Innovation (IMI) at NTU - mostly technically-oriented projects and ideas were presented.

SUTD Open House event (3 March)
I participated in SUTD Open House, a big promotional event for undergraduate level students. As part of ISTD, we manned our booths and demonstrated and explained the life and research in SUTD with the potential students and their parents.

Atttending the CoE Seminar on Computer Human Interaction, NTU (15 February)
I attended the seminar hosted by College of Engineering Seminar Series on New Media at NTU.

Presenting at SUTD IDC Researchers' Meeting (30 January)
For the first time since I joined SUTD, I had an opportunity to present my work at SUTD population. I presented my design work in terms of design methodology I have been developing and example applications that I have designed with this methodology.

Undergraduate admissions interview (January - April)
I participated as an undergrad recruitment interview during this period - SUTD has been recruiting top students from Singapore, and the recruitment process was very rigorous and detailed. It was useful to meet candidate students and get to know their background, their wishes, and give them advice on their future direction.

Attending SUTD Leadership Workshop (18-20 January)
A month after I joined SUTD, I attended a 3-day workshop in town along with 12 recently-joined Faculty members to get familiarised on cultural diversity issues (especially strong in Singapore) and leadership issues.




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