HYOWON LEE  B.Eng., M.Sc., Ph.D.
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Summary of my work in 2011

Moved to Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) (1 December)
I moved to Singapore University of Technology and Design as asssistant professor in the pillar of Information Systems Technology and Design.

Presenting at the BCS HCI 2011, Newcastle (2-6 July)
My paper on designing novel applications titled 'Designing Novel Applications Inspired by Emerging Media Technologies' has been accepted at British HCI this year... I'll attend the event and present the paper.

Visiting Disneyland Paris to help with experiment (24-26 April)
I visited Disneyland Paris during Easter Holiday, to help with Disney Research's field test on park visitor's response to the mobile service. It was very useful to see their back stage hidden around and inside of Disneyland...

Chairing a session in ECIR 2011, Dublin (21 April)
My group hosted 33rd European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR 2011) where I was the proceedings chair. I chaired one of the Thursday's sessions titled 'Interactive IR' session. Interactivity is not the centrain theme of IR community, but as it has strong future implications in terms of the application of IR techniques, Interactivity and HCI issues get overlapped in this community.

AXES WP1 participation in Hilversum, The Netherlands (22 March)
I visited the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, Hilversum, to participate in the process of ascertaining the initial requirements for the project.

Interaction design for SpongeIT (February - )
I got more involved since February on the SpongeIT project, our Enterprise Ireland-funded project that utilises our LifeLogging research activity. I sketched initial interaction and visualisation interface as a starting point of discussion, which will be refined and modified over the next few months. My initial focus was a set of timeline that nicely visualises the data but I will be adding in geographic map visualisation as an alternative way of visualisation.

AXES kick-off meeting in Leuven, Belgium (13-14 January)
I participated in the kick-off meeting of our AXES project, a 4-year EU FP7 project that investigates new ways of interacting with audiovisual libraries are investigated.

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