HYOWON LEE  B.Eng., M.Sc., Ph.D.
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Summary of my work in 2010

Invited talk at a Workshop in CWI Amsterdam (7 December)
I was invited at the Workshop: Interactive Information Access: Untangling Tasks and Technologies, hosted by Prof Lynda Hardman at CWI Amsterdam, and gave a talk on my views on the relationship between Activities/Tasks and Technologies, and how we could/should put different weight of emphasis on them when trying to develop novel applications as opposed to conventional (existing) applications.

Presenting at USAB 2010, Klagenfurt, Austria (4-5 November)
I attended USAB 2010 Conference in Austria and presented my paper on the issues in designing novel applications for multimedia technologies.

Invited Lecture at DIT, Dublin (27 October)
I gave a lecture at Dublin Institute of Technology in the School of Computing, on the development of emerging interaction platforms and how we should learn to design for these novel platforms.

Hosting the 4th Irish HCI Conference, Dublin (2-3 September)
We hosted iHCI Conference here in Dublin. First day was student presentation and discussion followed by Industry sessions, and the second day was full- and short-paper presentation sessions. I presented a paper in the late afternoon also, on menu widget design for Multi-touch wall.

Visiting the University of Toronto, Canada (29-30 July)
I visited Knowledge Media Design Institute at the University of Toronto, and gave a talk on my design experience for emerging media technologies.

Visiting the University of Oldenburg, Germany (15 July)
I visited the Intelligent User Interfaces group at OFFIS Institute for Information Technology and the University of Oldenburg, and gave a talk on my design experience for designing novel applications that feature Multimedia techniques. They showed me a range of very impressive demos including haptic mobile applications, automatic photobook generation, and ambient feedback at home environment.

Attending JCDL 2010, Surfer's Paradise, Australia (21-25 June)
I attended ACM/IEEE International Digital Libraries Conference hosted by the University of Queensland, Brisbane.

Seminar at CSIRO ICT Centre, Sydney (18 June)
I visited CSIRO ICT Centre in Sydney and showed my novel application design work.

Seminar at Canon Information Systems Research Australia (CiSRA), Sydney (17 June)
I visited CiSRA in Sydney and gave a talk at their lunchtime seminar series on my design work and also discussed design issues with the group.

Talk at the Design Group at Open University, Milton Keynes (19 May)
I visited the Design Group at OU and present my interaction design work for novel technology and see what a design-centric researchers would have to say about my approach and my design. My idea of connecting my work with Design Research is that thinking about the process of design and 'how designers think' is one of the clues in establishing the design of novel applications. Heavy reliance on sketching, boldly(?) getting to solution without too much rigorous dwelling on problem space has been the way I did design, and probably there is a key if I am to formulate the design methodology from it.

Talk at Edinburgh Napier University (14 May)
I visited the Centre for Interaction Design at Napier U and shared my progress so far and discuss. I also had a chance to see their cool ICE (Interactive Collaborative Environments) Lab where an interactive tabletop and touch walls are used together to provide glimps of the future interactive environment.

Attending ACM CHI 2010, Atlanta (10-15 April)
I attended the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems this year in Atlanta, with my colleague Niamh. We had unexpected extra 1 week in Atlant due to Icelandic volcano ashes during that week which cancelled all flights to Ireland. 'Stranded' in Atlanta for 1 week!

Seminar talk at School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (6 April)
During my 1-week visit to ETC, I visited the main campus where Informedia group in Computer Science is, and gave a talk on my Multimedia application design approach.

1-week visit to Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (5-9 April)
I visited the ETC for a week, and will give a seminar talk on my novel app design work. I also visited Disney Research in Pittsburgh with which we have collaborative project going on.

Talk at the City University of Hong Kong (11 February)
I visited the Image Computing Group at the City University of Hong Kong and gave a seminar on my design experience in Multimedia. They also showed me their fantastic and futuristic demos on motion detection and 3D interaction.

Presenting a paper at a workshop at IUI Conference, Hong Kong (7 February)
I presented my paper on the interactive visualisation for Sentiment Analysis at the 1st International Workshop on Intelligent Visual Interfaces for Text Analysis, a satellite workshop at the ACM Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces in Hong Kong. I also attended the full IUI event.

1-week research visit to Interactive Information Access, CWI Amsterdam (25-29 February)
I had a 1-week visit to the Interactive Information Access group at the CWI Amsterdam, as part of our continuous collaboration and discussions. During the visit, I visited Delft University also.




AIRS 2010 - The 6th Asia Information Retrieval Societies Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, 1-3 December, 2010

ITS 2010 - ACM Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces, Saarbrucken, Germany, 7-10 November, 2010

DSMSA 2010 - 3rd IEEE International Workshop on Data Semantics for Multimedia Systems and Applications, Taichung, Taiwan, December 13-15, 2010

Multimedia Tools and Applications Journal (reviewed June)

iHCI 2010 - Irish Human-Computer Interaction Conference, Dublin, Ireland, 2-3 September (reviewed June)

DIS 2010 - ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems, Arhus, Denmark, 16-20 August (reviewed March)

IJMHCI - International Journal on Mobile Human-Computer Interaction (reviewed January)

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