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Summary of my activities in 2007 so far.

     Museum Artefact browser - advanced (December)
Michael, Sorin and I worked together in designing an interface where Michael's object-matching technique is used to automatically identify unique museum artefacts against user's uploaded museum photos. With Michael's futuristic matching technique (the main "engine" of this system) combined with Sorin's fantastic Flash interface, the system features automatic grouping of photos based on unique objects, followed by highly intuitive drag-and-drop adjustment by a user. (for more detail, see my internal site; cdvp internal password)

Posters for Enterprise Ireland ICT Showcase (3 Oct)
Neil, Kealan, Noel and I designed two posters for EI showcase - one for MediAssist project, the other for Pampas project. By variating the locations of the title, the two posters were consistent in colour and style but avoid repetitiveness.

K-Space TRECVid interactive system (July - August)
Daragh, Pete, Kevin and I worked together to design the interface for this year's TRECVid interactive task. (for more detail, see my internal site; cdvp internal password)

SenseCam: integrated framework (August)
Tim and I worked together to come up with a design where all of our SenseCam work could be integrated into a single interface. Focusing on the user tasks, interface elements, and the match between these two, the user can select first the task they want to do, then the interface presents a suitable interaction scheme for that task. Although this work is more conceptual than widget-level, we think it is a very important step towards integration. (for more detail, see my internal site; cdvp internal password)

MeetingSense interface design (July)
Dave, Lukas and I worked together to design an interface that shows the record of people's whereabouts and co-occurances at particular locations. With this interface, the user can search by date, location, but more importantly by person*, and watch a video clip of that person in a meeting. (for more detail, see my internal site; cdvp internal password)

SportsAnno 2: Annoby interface (July)
James and I worked together to design an interface for James's Annoby annotation system that has been deployed September-October for Rugby World Cup this year. The web-based interface allows its users to read sports reports and watch important incidents in the games, then write comments either on the text or directly on the video clips, or comment on other users' comments. James is collecting user comments and their behaviour from this system. (for more detail, see my internal site; cdvp internal password)

Museum artefact browser design (June-July)
Sorin and I worked together on designing an interface for browsing 3-d artefacts. Using Flash, the interface features interesting rotation of an object once selected, measuring the widths and heights, and zoom-in/out. (for more detail, see my internal site; cdvp internal password)

SWUI 2007 Workshop, Zurich (7 June)
I attended the 4th International Semantic Web User Interaction Workshop in Zurich.

Meeting with Samsung Electronics (28-30 May)
Cathal and I will visit Samsung Electronics, Korea, to discuss our research project.

Presenting at iHCI 2007: Irish Human-Computer Interaction Conference, Limerick (2 May)
Sinead and I went to the iHCI 2007, where I presented AIC's work in HCI areas, especially video-related interface design efforts. Sarah from Sensor Research group also came and presented on the use of wearable sensors for adaptive interfaces. The conference gathered people working in HCI in Ireland, both academics and industry. It was a very good opportunity to get to know people interested in HCI, first time officially gathering for that particular purpose. We will meet again next year.

Research visit to CWI Amsterdam (11 - 12 Apr)
I visited CWI folks (whom I visited in November last year for 2 weeks) again for 2 days in April.

SAC 2007 (12 - 15 Mar)
I presented MediAssist poster paper at SAC 2007 (Annual Symposium on Applied Computing), in Seoul, Korea. It was a mix of very diverse attendants, and on Tuesday poster session which lasted 1-5pm I introduced and discussed MediAssist photo management system to attendants.

Meeting with Samsung Electronics (12, 14 Mar)
Cathal, Dave and I went to Samsung in Suwon, Korea, to present and discuss our PhotoBlogging project - meeting with our Samsung colleagues at Multimedia Lab on Monday, then a long presentation to the researchers in Home Platform Lab.


ECIR 2008 - European Conference on Information Retrieval 2008 (November)

CHI 2008 - Annual SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (October)

Multimedia Tools and Applications Journal - Special Issue on Semantic Multimedia (June)

TVS 2007 - TRECVID BBC Rushes Summarization Workshop, ACM Multimedia 2007 (June)

ACM Multimedia 2007 (June)

Information Processing and Management Journal (Feb)

ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications (TOMCCAP) (Feb)

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