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This page shows the summary of what I have been working on in 2006. Early part of the year has been exclusively on designing user-interfaces for Samsung-CDVP photo/video blogging system.


SAMT Conference and SEMPS Workshop, Athens, Greece (6 - 8 Dec)
I attended the 1st International Conference on Semantic and Digital Media Technologies (SAMT 2006) and its workshop 1st International Workshop on Semantic-enhanced Multimedia Presentation Systems (SEMPS 2006), at which I gave an guest speech titled: "Enhancing the presentation of multimedia using extracted semantics"

Research visit to CWI Amsterdam (17 Nov - 1 Dec)
I visited CWI for 2 weeks as a visiting researcher 17 Nov - 1 Dec, in relation to developing our Centre's SenseCam project to canonical media process. During this visit, I discussed various research work with CWI Semantic Multimedia Interfaces people, attended professorial ceremony for Guus Schreiber, attended PhD defending of Stefano at Eidenhoven, practised bicycle, presented my work at their seminar. This visit was one of the most memorable and useful events of this year.

SenseCam image browser v2 (web-based) design (Oct - Nov)
Based on discussion among Georgina, Cathal, Aiden and myself, I am re-designing the SenseCam Interactive Browser into a web-based, more integrated interface that features visualisation of activity patterns, user control on how many events/day are chosen (using slider bar), and searching for similar events.

Book Chapter review - Handbook of Research on User-Interface Design and Evaluation for Mobile Technology (Oct - Nov)

1st International Workshop on Adaptive Information Retrieval (14 Oct)
I attended AIR workshop in Glasgow, and presented a poster for our SenseCam image browser at the workshop. Our SenseCam image browser uses various content-based image analysis techniques to automatically structure and assign importance values to events among images. Resultant browser presents thousands of SenseCam images on a single page, in a easy-to-browse, inviting, interesting way. See the poster I designed (PDF; 127K) for this event.

Paper writing - ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, Multimedia & Visualization Track, 2007 (Oct)
For ACM SAC 2006 Multimedia & Visualization Track, Seoul, Korea, March 2007.

Paper review - ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, Multimedia & Visualization Track, 2007 (Oct)
For ACM SAC 2006 Multimedia & Visualization Track, Seoul, Korea, March 2007.

SenseCam image browser design (Aug - Sep)
Microsoft SenseCam, the wearable digital camera with sensors, takes about 3,000 photos on an average day... what is the best way to review those photos? Fast replay is one method, but it require 3-minute intensive attention and easily short important photos can be missed. I am designing an appropriate user-interface that allows interactive browsing of thousands of SensCam images - this is geared to our Centre's content-based processing to automatically structure SenseCam images into Events and establishment of uniqueness of each of the events. Using this information, I can design the browser to emphasise more important events, less emphasise less important events.

Handbook of Research on UID for Mobile Technology (May - Sep)
I was offered to write this book chapter and in December the acceptance was notified, and will be published sometime in 2007.


Paper review - IP&M (July)
Information Processing & Management


User-Interface Design for Samsung-CDVP Photo/Video Blogging System (March - )
In 2006, my reseach focus has been on the user-interface design for the photo/video blogging system which we are collaborating with Samsung. With Emilie and Naz, we have been sketching, discussing and refining thoroughly all required screens and features of the developing system. Extending MediAssist system, sharing and linking aspects are main focus of the system. Using automatically detected faces as visual index, the system will feature unique interfaces that allows its users to browse same person within all other Events and all my buddies.

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