We study fundamental aspects of robot dynamics, control and design. We utilize techniques from the fields of optimal control, applied mechanics, nonlinear dynamics, and computational design. Our approach is multidisciplinary and heavily based on analytical and numerical investigations. We aim to develop robots – machines equipped with physical and control intelligence – that parallel biological systems.


Constrained and On-line Optimal Robot Control, MOE T2 Project NEW!
Variable-Impedance Exoskeleton Design and Control, CGH-SUTD MOE T1 Project
Variable-Impedance Robotics and Compliant Actuator Designs, SUTD-MIT IDC Project
Locomotion in Natural and Artificial Systems, PhD project

9/2017: Dr Braun is Area Chair for the 2018 Robotics: Science and Systems Conference
9/2017: Dr Braun is Associate Editor for BioRob 2018
6/2017: Paper accepted in IEEE TRO
2/2017: Paper accepted in IEEE TRO
2/2017 Approved: MOE AcRF Tier 2 Research Grant on Robot Control!
2/2017 IEEE ICRA 2017 Workshop on Recent Advances in Dynamics for Industrial Applications
1/2017 Two papers accepted at IEEE ICRA 2017
12/2016: IEEE ICRA 2017 Workshop on Human Locomotion and Wearable Robotics
11/2016: Paper accepted in ASP PRE
6/2016: SUTD-MIT IDC Seminar Moving the robots of tomorrow
3/2016: CGH grants approved
2/2016: Dr Braun is Associate Editor for IEEE BioRob 2016
1/2016: Paper accepted at IEEE ICRA on Energy Efficient Impedance Modulation
12/2015: Paper in PRL on Optimal Parametric Excitation
12/2015: Two SUTD-CGH grants approved on Exoskeleton Design
12/2015: Invited talk by Prof. Peacock – MIT
11/2015: Invited talk at the Asian Robotics Week 2015 – Innovations in Robotics
8/2015: Invited talk by Prof. Goldfarb – Vanderbilt
4/2015: Dr Braun is Editor at IEEE ICORR 2015
9/2014: SUTD-MIT IDC Grant on Energy Efficient Actuation
9/2014: Dynamics – New undergraduate course at SUTD
6/2014: IEEE TRO Best Paper Award
5/2014: Optimization and Control – New graduate course at SUTD