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Check out our fully decentralized swarm of robots performing a collective search and exploration!


This video shows a fully decentralized swarm of robots (10 units) performing a collective search and exploration. The target objective to be found is the light source (lamp in the bottom left corner) and the swarm has to deal with a completely unknown environment (with multiple obstacles).

All communications and computations are performed at the robot level in a fully decentralized fashion. This swarm of robots is highly robust to the failure of multiple units, and shows high levels of flexibility in dealing with changing environments (including dynamic ones).

This work was carried out in the frame of a research project jointly led by Prof. Erik Wilhelm (PI - MEC) and Prof. Roland Bouffanais (PI - ACG). The system shown in this video was developed by Dr. Mohammadreza Chamambaz and Dr. David Mateo at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. Funding from the TL@SUTD is gratefully acknowledged.